Choose the Original.

From styling elements to additional transportation options, all Hyundai Genuine Accessories are developed, tested and approved to fit your Hyundai perfectly. The same quality and attention to care that goes into designing our genuine accessories, is also taken by our Hyundai Service experts when installing. Explore our wide range of accessories and create a Hyundai that fits you perfectly.

Choose Quality.

Only Hyundai Genuine Accessories are manufactured to the same standards as your Hyundai. You are choosing the highest quality!
  1. Hyundai alloy wheel with Hyundai emblem.

    Genuine wheels.

    Our Hyundai Genuine Wheels are guaranteed to fit your vehicle, with production in line with original equipment specifications. With first class materials and stylish designs, they are also tough, with intensive testing for structural integrity.
  2. Tow bar with Hyundai emblem from Hyundai Genuine Accessories.

    Genuine tow bars.

    Whether you are transporting your bike, or a caravan, our Genuine Tow Bars undergo rigorous testing to guarantee high standards of use and safety. Our modern painting process ensures they are also effectively protected against rust.
  3. Roof rack for many Hyundai models from Hyundai Genuine Accessories. 

    Genuine roof racks.

    Our Genuine roof racks are specifically designed and tested according to the original manufacturer standard. Created to maximize the roof load capacity of your vehicle, their design reduces additional noise generated while driving.
  4. Genuine Hyundai floor mats with Hyundai emblem and model names.

    Genuine mats.

    Enjoy a perfectly designed fit for your Hyundai with our Genuine Mats. Made with high-quality materials, our durable and safe fixation system ensures they stay anchored and do not slip.

    Make your Hyundai unique.

    Hyundai Genuine Accessories give you additional scope for more individuality. Whether design elements, light alloy wheels, carriers for bicycle or ski transport – with our high-quality accessories you can make your Hyundai even more comfortable, flexible or unmistakable. Be inspired. Just click on your model below and discover your desired accessories.


    Whether you are planning your next big adventure in the great outdoors, or you want your Hyundai to make an even stronger style statement – at Hyundai we have a wide range of Genuine Accessories for a wide range of purposes. You can find out more about what exactly is available for your vehicle here, or visit your local Hyundai dealer. They will be happy to advise you on the complete Hyundai range of accessories.

    While there are other manufacturers who may produce accessories for your Hyundai, only Hyundai Genuine Accessories are specifically made to the original manufacturer standard. This ensures an impeccable fit and functionality and avoids unnecessary damage to your vehicle. In addition, damage caused by the use of third-party accessories is not covered under your Hyundai vehicle warranty, while our Hyundai Genuine Accessories come with a 3-year guarantee.

    Hyundai Genuine Accessories meet the highest quality criteria and maximum safety requirements, and are therefore usually maintenance-free. If you notice any damage to your accessories, or they are not functioning as expected, at your next Hyundai Service, your local Hyundai Service Advisor will be happy to help.

    To ensure that your accessories are kept in optimal condition, you should clean and maintain them regularly.

    In general, the transport of e-bikes on a Hyundai bike carrier is possible, however, it is important that the maximum weight per bike is not exceeded. Compared to a regular bicycle, e-bikes are rather large, wide and robust and the space on the carrier must be sufficient. Please consult your dealer for the maximum payload capacity of your vehicle and further information.

    Compact and theft-resistant, the Hyundai bike carrier for all tow bars can be tilted with mounted bicycles, taking all the hassle out of loading and unloading. Access to the trunk is usually possible. To determine if this feature is compatible with your Hyundai, you can perform a test assembly at your local dealer.

    For your safety, the maximum speed of the vehicle should not exceed 130 km/h with the Hyundai Bike Carrier loaded. You should also adjust your speed based on wind and road conditions, along with the total load transported. Please make sure to observe local speed limits and traffic laws.